Senior Room

STEM Activities

We decided to run a series of STEM mornings during September and October in the senior room. We made sweet dispensers, bridge to hold the most copies, parachutes, well with a tipping function, rollercoaster for a marble and tall structures using spaghetti and marshmallows.

Christmas Baking!!

The boys and girls in the Senior Room had great fun making gingerbread dough and baking our own gingerbread cookies!!! We decorated them and of course ate them too 🙂 They tasted as good as they looked!!



Our School Greenhouse

The children and teachers in our school had a lot of fun and learned so much as we planted, looked after and harvested a variety of Fruits and Vegetables in our greenhouse.

We grew strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic, lettuce and a stunning pumpkin!!!

Last June we harvested the potatoes and the children and teachers dug, washed and peeled the potatoes. We also pulled the garlic. Múinteoir Eilish brought in her Deep Fat Fryer and Oven. We had homemade chips and made garlic butter using our own garlic, we then made garlic bread. Múinteoir Mary brought in Mi wadi and Curry sauce! We had a fantastic party!!!




We also grew a pumpkin and we harvested it in October! Just in time for Halloween!!!


Minecraft Dream Island

We decided to create a Dream Island as a whole class. We planned what our Island would have – Tree House Resort, Pet Farm, Aquarium, Power Station, Potato Park, Caves, Mountains and Lakes. In pairs the children worked together to create their sections. We worked on this for a number of weeks and when the children were finished building and creating, each pair presented their builds to the class. They did an amazing job!! 🙂



Felt in the Senior Room

In the Senior Room we have been busy learning to sew using various stitches. We made little creations based on the theme of Christmas. Some of the stitches we learned included the running stitch, the back stitch and the blanket stitch. We also learned how to sew on buttons and how to stuff our creations and attach a string to hang them up. We thoroughly enjoyed this activity 🙂

Heritage in Schools Program

We took part in the Heritage in Schools Program during the 2020/2021 school year. During this time we had live Zoom classes with various experts in areas of History.

In the Senior Room we studied 3 areas in particular:

  1. Heraldry and Family Shields
  2. St Colmcille
  3. Song making/singing


Have a look at some of the pictures below.


Hallowe’en Art

Hallowe’en Spider Web Art

We used PVA glue, salt and watercolours to create these amazing spider web crafts.


We created these beautiful Zentangle Pumpkins as we relaxed and listened to mindful music.


Hallowe’en Experiment Time!!

Hallowe’en Experiment Time!!

We had a lot of fun in Science linking it to Hallowe’en. We had to clean out our pumpkins, draw a face and once our pumpkins were all ready the Science began! We mixed baking soda, vinegar and food colouring to create a chemical reaction and it made our pumpkins throw up! 🙂