We have been very fortunate in New Quay NS to have the opportunity to be part of Creative Schools. This initiative allows for the children to explore the Arts and Creativity through fun activities that the children are interested in. In June 2021 we had Galway Community Circus come to visit us and teach us how to juggle, tight rope walk, balance on balls, and so many more really cool skills! It was a very memorable day! In November 2021, we had a Lego Robotics Work Shop where the children had the opportunity to build Lego robotics and link them with a tablet. They then used an app on the tablet to code the robots and have them move, twist, turn and we ended the workshop with a little race! In November we also had a Coding Workshop with Corib Computer Training via Zoom. The children learned how to code their own game on the website ‘Make Code Arcade’. It was great fun and a wonderful experience! The children caught on so quickly and loved making so many wonderful twists to their own games.